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Status Feasibility Review
Categories Advanced Mis
Created by Guest
Created on Apr 30, 2024

Ensure all fields available in Aspire reports also exist in Advanced MIS

There are certain fields that appear in Aspire built-in reports but are not available within Advanced MIS. This surprised us initially and made us think we just weren't looking hard enough, but we queried it and discovered to our dismay that it was true.

For example, we need the a 'Date when review requested' field that is part of the 'Reviews' report to be included in Advanced MIS as well; logically it would be part of f_r_lists data table. Currently, the only way we can report on when reviews were requested is by copying list URLs out of the Reviews report and then filtering on the basis of those in conjunction with data from the f_r_lists fields in Advanced MIS. It is too manual a process though and also doesn't allow us to create historical reports of when reviews were requested, started and completed.

Advanced MIS should be able to report on everything that the out-of-the-box reports can and more, else perhaps it needs a name change! If you agree with the principle or perhaps you've noticed a field yourself that you need is missing from Advanced MIS, please lend this idea your votes. Thanks.

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  • Guest
    May 3, 2024

    @Kate Broadfield I think the ticket might be one of mine, too! Either way, thank you for following this up.

  • Admin
    Kate Broadfield
    May 2, 2024

    @Guest @Guest and @Guest We have a similar ticket on reviews data for Advanced MIS which we have assigned to look at during our future analytics theme on the roadmap. HOwever, given we are enhancing reviews now, I will take this back to my tech and consulting teams for further discussion. Thanks all.

  • Ed Chamberlain
    May 1, 2024

    This is a hygiene factor for any reporting element of any system.

  • Robin Farndon
    Apr 30, 2024

    This would be really helpful for us - there's a lot of really useful data available via Advanced MIS, but the lack of reviews data has been a real stumbling block us!