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Status Reviewed - on hold
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Created by Bex Carruthers
Created on Nov 1, 2023

Display book author, year and edition information on RL view for chapters

Currently, if the information isn't on the "Has part" element of the bookmark, it will not display on the list view. Critical information that should be brought through from the "Part of" or parent portion is:

  • Date of Publication

  • Author(s) (if the portion doesn't have their own author)

  • Edition


  1. chapter example 1 - circled in pink is what is displayed. As you can see the chapter has it's own authors, so these are showing correction. What is not displayed is the Date, or the Edition statement. you only see this when the item is expanded as shown.

  2. Book example - you can see what is displayed when it is just the book element - you can see the authors, date and edition all visible when viewing the list.

This is an issue when academics refer to readings just by the author and edition or year, as in order to see all the information you need to click on the title to get the full referencing info OR view the list in a citation style which currently cant be set as a default list view style.

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  • Admin
    Georgia Hajipieris
    Nov 2, 2023

    Thank you for your feedback, we have added this to our continuous improvement theme of work for 2024. Best, Georgia