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Created on Sep 8, 2023

Display of Review button, even after publishing (without review)

We currently have the "Review & Publish with reminder" workflow. One of our issues is that instructors don't send their list for review, but we also don't want to force them to do it. However, if an instructor simply publishes their list without review, the reminder message about review disappears, as well as the button for Review & Publish. I would like the reminder/button to stay until the list has been requested to be reviewed.

Some other issues that relate:

  • The Publish button stands out more as it's dark, while the Review & Publish button is only outlined in dark. I would rather see it the other way around to change the focus.

  • The reminder message isn't succinct and is inaccurate (library acquisitions team is not correct). I'd like to see the ability to customise this message as well. (e.g. Select 'Review & Publish' to notify the Library of your list.)

  • Review is not understood by instructors, perhaps it could say "Notify Library" as this is what it does and you don't have to describe what the button does. Whenever you have to describe what a button does, you know there's a problem. :)

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