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To be able to Create a bespoke 'Archive' Message for lists for your Tenancy

The current Archive message and colour means any users accessing are assuming they cannot access an archived list. If your VLE set-up allows students to maintain access to all the modules they study on their course year on year then you have to de...
Guest about 6 hours ago in Branding 1 Future consideration

Please automatically tick the Online Resource box when 'Document' is selected as the resource type

Documents are always online PDFs. Please make the Online Resource box automatically ticked when 'Document' is selected as the resource type. (The same way webpage is automatically ticked)
Sarah @ AUT about 15 hours ago in Bookmarking 1 Will not implement

View other formats/editions - search with editor

Currently the View other formats/editions search only uses the Title and Author. Where a work has an editor, not an author, our EDS search fails to find any results. If you do title and author search, using the edit as the author, it locates the a...
Bex Carruthers 3 days ago in  1 Reviewed - on hold
258 VOTE

Resource type list - allow customisation

We would like to add 'Databases" to the resource type list. I have seen other users would like to add other resources types. Why not allow users to add resource types to the list that work for their organisation?
Guest about 1 year ago in Edit List 4 Reviewed - on hold

Note field for list itself

A 'Note' field (that students cannot see) that applies to an entire list would be useful. This would allow us to tag lists as 'Online only module - e-resources only' or 'Visually impaired student on this module 24/25' so that everyone who edits a ...
Julie Beard 3 months ago in Edit List 5 Planned

The ability to copy and paste an existing bookmarked item or section within the same list or in a different list

At the moment, we can only cut and paste an item within the list however, often academics would like to repeat an item in different parts of the list (especially if divided into sections by weeks). There is no way of doing this. If it is in a pers...
Guest about 1 month ago in Bookmarking 1 Reviewed - on hold

create a fix to allow for number of student in review be clearer which time period they belong to

We have a roll-over process which involves having multiple time periods being available and published at the same time. However the Review area shows the number of students related to ALL lists that the list item displays on, this means that it co...
Jill Hazard 6 days ago in Reviews 1 Future consideration

Ensure all fields available in Aspire reports also exist in Advanced MIS

There are certain fields that appear in Aspire built-in reports but are not available within Advanced MIS. This surprised us initially and made us think we just weren't looking hard enough, but we queried it and discovered to our dismay that it wa...
Guest 3 months ago in Advanced Mis 5 Feasibility Review

OpenURL / Link Resolver: Flexibility in the behaviour and experience

It would be beneficial to have flexibility in the behaviour of the OpenURL within a tenancy. Examples of the flexibility could be in a form of: An exclusions list An option to disable OpenURL for specific bookmarks Option to adjust the appearance ...
Guest about 1 month ago in Bookmarking 5 Feasibility Review

Pre-set text in Complete Review box

Would it be possible to have pre-set text options after clicking the Complete Review button? At the moment we copy and paste a standard message into the box following a review, so having this already set would be very helpful.
Guest 15 days ago in Reviews 1 Future consideration