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Status Reviewed - on hold
Categories Reviews
Created by Lauren Smith
Created on Apr 18, 2024

Assign list assignee function for reviews

Suggestion to add a function to automatically assign list reviewer to lists
Benefits: saves time and effort, automates basic task, ensures lists allocated to correct reviewer, potential reporting use

Currently the two options for assigning a reviewer for a list is to use a central email address, or provide multiple email addresses of the group of people who undertake reviews:

It is not currently possible to automatically designate one reviewer per list. Our current method is for our acquisitions assistant to receive all review notifications and manually allocate the correct liaison librarian to review each list.

The suggested development would be to add a function whereby the relevant list reviewer could be assigned (at the point of list creation and edited at a later stage as required) in the same way that the list owner can be assigned. Suggested way this would appear would be to have under Edit menu - Assign list owner / Invite list publishers / Assign list reviewer (could potentially only be visible by users with Acquisitions role)

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  • Admin
    Georgia Georgiou
    Apr 18, 2024

    Hi Lauren, we will not be implementing this idea this year however it has been placed in our backlog for future consideration. Best, the Product team