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Status Reviewed - on hold
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Created by Andrew Manton-Maund
Created on Nov 9, 2023

Hierarchy parent codes included in All List reports

Hi Talis,

It would be really useful for us if the All Lists report included both the list's Hierarchy and it's parent Hierarchy in the report's results. This would help us divide the list data by subject schools much easier utilising the hierarchy node structure that we have in place at our university.

For example these lists have the following hierarchies:

BMGT3110 Resource List - BMGT3110 Hierarchy

BMGT2110 Resource List - BMGT2110 Hierarchy

BMGT1110 Resurce List - BMGT1110 Hierarchy.

Now each of these module hierarchy nodes, BMGT3110, BMGT2110, BMGT1110 all sit within the Business School hierarchy parent node.

So if the All Lists report displayed the parent Hierarchy a list belonged to in a new column, we could then filter the data by that field to produce a report of all lists belonging to a specific subject school, e.g. Business, Humanities, Nursing, Science.

Once you do this, you can analyse it deeper to look at all specific criteria and compare how different schools are performing. This can be really useful, as you can then forward the data to staff responsible for those areas. For example our Liaison Librarians all handle specific schools, and so it is useful to send them only the data pertinent to their area, and also to the responsibe department.

We currently have a workaround in place using a Vlookup excel formula, but it is quite convoluted, and it is a shame to need to do that everytime I want to analyse a report by subject school. Also it means finding out this information requires a bit more specialist knowledge and the reporting is less beginner friendly. Additionally this really rewards having a good hierarchy structure at your institution as you can easily filter and sort Lists by this structure.

I think including the parent node in the All List report would grant a lot more reporting options, and increase the functionality of a good Hierarchy structure.

Happy to discuss this more as feels hard to explain on here!

Best wishes,


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  • Admin
    Georgia Hajipieris
    Dec 7, 2023

    Hi Andrew. We have reviewed this with our technical team and will have decided to review this again in the future. Best, Georgia

  • Admin
    Scott Gibbens
    Nov 16, 2023

    Thank you for this idea. We have added this to suggestions for improved reporting which we plan to look at later in 2024