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Status Reviewed - on hold
Created by Jill Hazard
Created on Oct 17, 2023

option to make email entry mandatory on report a broken link feedback forms

We have been receiving a number of report a broken link reports from our users, but without the email address being added.

We would like us to have the option to make the email entry be mandatory as often when looking into these we need more information from the user or to let them know if it's fixed.

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  • Nick Gates
    May 16, 2024

    We very much support this proposal. At UoS we received yesterday 41 reports of broken links for a list, from the same IP address. We were unable to trace the student as the reports came in anonymously. The student was clearly having issues as all the links when checked were working fine. We would support the mandatory option, or alternatively, the emphasis on recording your name to be the primary option, as below:

    Report - add your details and receive a response

    with the alternative option – paler font

    Report - response not required



  • Guest
    Apr 25, 2024

    At DMU when we receive a broken link report we would always like to respond to those reporting it - either with a 'this is now fixed, please try again' or, as it often the case because the link is working when we test it, to obtain further information - what error message they are getting, are they on/off campus, what device/browser they are using - in order to help us assist the user.

    We hold the Customer Service Excellence standard. Part of the standard covers responding to feedback and users reporting errors. The inability to do this with broken link reports when users don't give us an email address compromises our ability to comply with that section of the standard.

    We would very much like this field to be made mandatory.

  • Bryn
    Mar 6, 2024

    At QUT we have an issue where when broken links are reported, they usually don't have the details of the person submitting the issue The Report Broken Links option doesn't clearly show that there are 3 options.
    The Cancel and Report options are obviously buttons to click on, but request a response is text, not a button, and although it is hyperlinked, it isn't obvious that this needs clicking in order to add contact and other details (see screenshot attached). I have asked a few people to look at this and see how they understand these options and the majority of people have thought they need to click the button Report, and then they will be able to add details and ask for a response once they have clicked that. Making the email mandatory would be a way to fix this issue.

  • Admin
    Georgia Hajipieris
    Oct 26, 2023

    Thank you for your feedback. We will be putting this in our continuous improvement theme of work for 2024

  • Helen Garner
    Oct 17, 2023

    This is a really important feature. We have a similar report a problem link in our Primo discovery layer and that has the option to make the email address mandatory. We have received error reports for book chapters and we believe the users are expecting the whole book and so report it as an error. We then have no way to reply to them.