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Talis/Folio integration not pulling back correct 'Effective location for item'

EDS is doing the right thing but not Talis. Screen shots as attached. Folio 'Effective location for item' appears in Folio SRU '<temporaryLocation>' but is not being used by Talis. Excerpt of record returned by Folio SRU as below. Please let...
Kristina Long 5 months ago in  1 Moved to Operations

Add a 'Peer Reviewed' label to Articles/Journals based on ISSN

Currently, if we want to indicate an article/journal is peer-reviewed, we need to communciate this through a 'Note to students'. It would be very useful if Articles/Journals were automatically tagged with a 'Peer-reviewed' label based on their ISS...
Sarah @ AUT 9 months ago in Edit List 2 Addressed feedback

Make the 'Last Login' column sortable in All User Profiles & enable Active/Inactive labelling

Currently there is no quick way of telling if a profile is defunct other than the 'Last Login Date', yet this does not distinguish between 'disused' profiles and 'no longer in use' profiles. It would be very helpful if: the 'Last Login' column in ...
Sarah @ AUT 9 months ago in User Profiles 1 Reviewed - on hold

Remove deleted lists from 'My invites' list in 'My profile'

Currently, deleted lists continue to appear on 'My invites' list in 'My profile'. This is most irksome given the list link takes you to an error screen. This may or may not be a one-off error only I am experiencing, nevertheless, it would be usefu...
Sarah @ AUT 9 months ago in User Profiles 1 Reviewed - on hold

Add a 'Part Title' filter to the All List Items screen to enable searching by Chapter or Article name

Currently, the 'Item Title' filter in the All List Items screen only searches based on Book/Journal names. If we want to find or check list items by Chapter/Article name, we have to export a CSV file.. It would be much appreciated if there was an ...
Sarah @ AUT 9 months ago in Reports 0 Reviewed - on hold

★ Change the 'Copy list' function to 'Backup list' on unarchived lists, and 'Activate list' on archived lists

Rather than using the 'copy list' function to rollover lists, our users keep using the 'copy list' function to make backup versions of active lists without archiving them. This causes lots of confusion and mix-ups around what is the 'real list' an...
Sarah @ AUT 10 months ago in Rollover 0 Reviewed - on hold

Change the colour of the 'Unpublished changes!' warning bar

Unfortunately our users often miss the 'Unpublished changes!' bar on lists as the yellow colour makes it look like a 'status update' (like the blue bar 'A review has been request') rather than an important alert that they need to do something. Ple...
Sarah @ AUT 10 months ago in Edit List 1 Planned

★ Change the 'Add field' and 'Lookup' drop downs to BUTTONS ONLY, and the 'Has Part' and 'Part Of' options to TICK BOXES in the edit metadata window

Unfortunately, our users find it confusing to use the Add field drop down in the metadata window. Rather than choosing an option in the drop down, then clicking the Add button, they find it more instinctive to click the Add button first. Frustrati...
Sarah @ AUT 10 months ago in Bookmarking 1 Reviewed - on hold

Change the wording of 'linked to Code' to 'tagged as Code' or '#Code'

Currently when a list is associated with a Hierarchy Code, it says 'linked to Hierarchy-Code'. Unfortunately, our users misunderstand this to mean the list has been successfully linked to their Canvas course. To avoid this confusion, please change...
Sarah @ AUT 10 months ago in Hierarchy 0 Reviewed - on hold

Enable formatting options in 'Note for student'

Our users prefer using 'Notes for Students' over Paragraphs, as it is more obvious to students what resource they relate to, and cannot be accidentally separated. Unfortunately, unlike paragraphs, a 'Note for student' cannot Bold, Underline, Itali...
Sarah @ AUT 10 months ago in Edit List 0 Reviewed - on hold