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Status Reviewed - on hold
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Created by Sarah @ AUT
Created on Sep 14, 2023

Enable lecturers to add a 'Timer/Clock/Stopwatch' label of how long students should spent engaging with each resource

It could be useful if lecturers were able to add a 'time' estimate of how long (mins/hrs) they think students should spend engaging with each resource

This could be a 'Timer/Clock/Stopwatch' label BESIDE a resource, rather than this being buried in the 'Note to Student'.

The 'Note to Student' should only be about what lecturers want students to focus on/think about when engaging with the resource (so they know what to get out of reading it/why its useful/how its relevant).

Having an obvious time expectation icon would not only help students with time-management/planning ahead, but also to understand their lecturers expectations.

Furthermore, it could prompt lecturers to (re)consider the reasonability/feasibility of their expectations/how much work they are setting for their students.

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