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Auto proxying of Web Address links in Reviews

We have recently switched to applying auto-proxying rules to specific web address domains in Aspire lists in order to add the OpenAthens Redirector prefix to publisher links stored in the Web Address field (functionality described here on the supp...
Jonathan Lucas 3 months ago in Reviews 4 Shipped

Strip out copyright symbol from publication dates, as it causes errors in bibliographies

We've noticed recently that publication dates which are preceded by a © symbol in bookmarks aren't recognised as dates when exporting from an Aspire list to a bibliography (bookmarking from OCLC WorldCat periodically gives rise to dates with © in ...
Guest 4 months ago in Bookmarking 2 Shipped

Hyperlinked DOIs in the Review screen

Feedback from our content and acquisitions team suggests that they would like to be able to test links in the Review screen by clicking an item's DOI, since our end-users will be mostly accessing online resources via the DOI. It would be useful if...
Nial Halford-Busby 4 months ago in Reviews 3 Shipped

Show in the Reviews screen whether the Online Resource button in a bookmark has been ticked

When reviewing lists, we very often find that academics adding an online resource have forgotten to ensure that the Online Resource box in a bookmark is ticked (to enable the VIEW ONLINE option on the list). Aspire varies in whether or not it mana...
Guest 5 months ago in Reviews 6 Shipped

Exporting PDFs from an archived or draft list

Most of our unit assessors don't manage their own lists, so new ones often ask for a copy of the list so that they can work on any changes they need. The ability to download a PDF of an archived or draft list would be great. Otherwise we have to d...
Guest 6 months ago in  4 Shipped

Streamlining setting review outcomes

We often check long reading lists with many articles/documents/websites on them. To set each 'Link checked' outcome entails 4 clicks per resource:- 'Set review outcome/Select outcome/Link checked/Save'. It would speed up the process if there was a...
Anne-Marie Shiels 7 months ago in Reviews 4 Shipped

Add 'View availability' button to print resources on lists that are held by the Library

Currently, if a student wants to view the library availability of a print resource they need to click the title. This is not entirely obvious! Students who do not know to do this may think the item is simply not available at all if there is no but...
Sarah @ AUT 9 months ago in Accessibility 10 Shipped

★ Move the 'Delete' option to the bottom of the drop down, instead of under 'Edit'

Unfortunately, some users accidentally click 'Delete' instead of 'Edit' and dismiss/ok the warning pop-up without reading it properly. Separating the two items in the drop down will reduce the risk of resources and sections being accidentally dele...
Sarah @ AUT 9 months ago in Edit List 1 Shipped

Hyperlinks in List Paragraphs: ability to include live, embedded hyperlinks in paragraphs on resource lists.

Users can 'add paragraph' to resouce lists, however the formatting options are limited, and you cannot embed hyperlinks into them. In a previous version of lists this was possible, however with the transition to new list edit this functionality wa...
Andrew Manton-Maund 10 months ago in Bookmarking 3 Shipped