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Please automatically tick the Online Resource box when 'Document' is selected as the resource type

Documents are always online PDFs. Please make the Online Resource box automatically ticked when 'Document' is selected as the resource type. (The same way webpage is automatically ticked)
Sarah @ AUT about 16 hours ago in Bookmarking 1 Will not implement

Disable downloads on a resource-by-resource level using TACC

Occasionally we have PDFs we would like to add to Talis, but the vendor requests that users can't download these files. It would be great if we could make some files read only.
Liz Hellsing about 1 month ago in  TADC 1 Will not implement

Add 'description' as a filter on the All Lists report

I'd love to be able to isolate lists where the description field contains certain text - it would make the description more useful as a place to record information.
Guest 3 months ago in Reports 2 Will not implement

Increase the number of links in the header and/or footer

I feel it would be useful to have the option to increase the number of links that can be added to either the header or footer rather than be limited by the current 5 we can add in the header. It helps to direct people out from one central point ie...
Suzanne Beck 4 months ago in Branding 1 Will not implement

Remove ‘short title’ being included in the meta data fields bookmarked from journals

Currently when bookmarking from a journal, Talis automatically includes the field 'Short title' under the 'part of journal' section. As the full title of the journal displays there is no need for a short title version. It is not considered relevan...
Karen O'Donoghue 4 months ago in Bookmarking 2 Will not implement

Lock down Core Reading

Would it be possible to protect certain resources in a list, which can't be edited or deleted? Our importances are 'Core' and 'Additional' reading, and with an audit of core reading currently underway it would be useful to have the ability to 'loc...
Guest 5 months ago in Importances 3 Will not implement

Enable users to Edit/Delete comments in this Ideas Forum

This does not seem to be a feature.
Sarah @ AUT 9 months ago in  1 Will not implement

Remove/Change the 'Feedback' menu option

We don't want our users to use the Feedback form to ask for help. We have other channels we want them to use instead eg. ServiceNow Please remove the 'Feedback' menu option, or allow each tenancy to change it to something of their choice (eg. a li...
Sarah @ AUT 11 months ago in Branding 0 Will not implement

★ Add a warning bar that the Save button needs to be clicked when a list previews in Canvas

Unfortunately, when our users are linking their lists to Canvas, it has not resonated that they are only seeing a PREVIEW of their list, and need to click SAVE to actually link it. When they see the correct preview, they think it is already linkin...
Sarah @ AUT 11 months ago in LTI 1 Will not implement

In Canvas, via LTI 1.3, the frame does not include the webpage header that is visible on Talis.

In Canvas, via LTI 1.3, the frame does not include the webpage header that is visible on Talis. This header includes crucial links to our How-to guides and instructional videos designed to assist academics when they encounter challenges or require...
Grace Fu 12 months ago in LTI 0 Will not implement