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Enable the possibility for updating the hierarchy via API

We think it would be beneficial to the community to have the ability to add and update the hierarchy in Talis via API. Allowing API calls to add/update the hierarchy would allow us to more closely integrate Talis with Central IT Systems, and allow...
Alan Dawson 8 months ago in Hierarchy 2 Reviewed - on hold

Change the wording of 'linked to Code' to 'tagged as Code' or '#Code'

Currently when a list is associated with a Hierarchy Code, it says 'linked to Hierarchy-Code'. Unfortunately, our users misunderstand this to mean the list has been successfully linked to their Canvas course. To avoid this confusion, please change...
Sarah @ AUT 10 months ago in Hierarchy 0 Reviewed - on hold

Student numbers: the option to enter a range (e.g. 50-100) as opposed to just a single figure

Our lecturers often do not know the exact number of anticipated student numbers for a module, but we still want them to give us a ball-park range so that we can purchase resources accordingly. Only having the option to enter a single figure can pu...
Julie Beard 5 months ago in Hierarchy 1 Reviewed - on hold