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Status Reviewed - on hold
Created by Guest
Created on Apr 9, 2024

Remove the 'Copy list' functionality from list publisher role permissions for academic staff users

We often have academics who will copy existing lists for different (or sometimes unknown) purposes, e.g. to rollover a list, make copy of the list for their own records, to create a list for a different module, which we see as unnecessary and against our current procedures for creating new lists, rolling over lists, etc. Mainly it can result in problems for library staff as it can create duplicate or multiple lists for the same module which can impact on purchasing decisions. In addition, we sometimes do not know which version of the list is the current one and it can also result in lists not being linked to the hierarchy correctly or not at all. Therefore, we would like to remove the 'copy list' functionality for academic staff who are list owners/publishers. We would still like to retain this functionality for library staff.

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  • Admin
    Georgia Georgiou
    Apr 11, 2024

    Hi, thanks for your feedback. We have decided to place this idea in our backlog for future considerations. Best, the Product team