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Relocate the Google Preview Button

The new 'View Availability' button is currently overridden by the 'Google Preview' button. We believe that this may confuse students, and make them think that resources with the Google Preview button might not have items available in the library t...
Rachel Dowe 9 months ago in Edit List 6 Shipped

Filter reading list to items with library notes

We use Library notes to document if a unit will be moving to another edition or title in the following offering. It would be useful to be able to filter the reading list to show only items with library notes, so that post rollover, staff can quick...
Bex Carruthers 8 months ago in Edit List 3 Shipped

New list - guidance prompts/messages/info pop ups

The information pop-up in the My Lists section states: "To create a new list, click on Create new list in the top right corner." The pop-up also have information for editing a list. This message seems to appear for users even if the user permissio...
Guest 11 days ago in Edit List 1 Shipped

Publish button - guidance prompts/messages/info pop ups

The information pop-up next to the published button says "Make your ready reading list visible for students by pressing Publish. Changes are saved automatically, so no need to publish to save!" - i dont think the highlighted wording is the easiest...
Guest 11 days ago in Edit List 1 Shipped

Please make the onboarding guides in Talis Aspire appear each year or when we need.

Re: Onboarding guides in Talis Aspire – Talis Aspire, please make onboarding guides in Talis Aspire appear again each year after they are dismissed/closed. Now, the guides disappear after dismissed/closed and won’t appear again. Since many academi...
Jingyue Wu about 2 months ago in Edit List 4 Shipped

★ Move the 'Delete' option to the bottom of the drop down, instead of under 'Edit'

Unfortunately, some users accidentally click 'Delete' instead of 'Edit' and dismiss/ok the warning pop-up without reading it properly. Separating the two items in the drop down will reduce the risk of resources and sections being accidentally dele...
Sarah @ AUT 10 months ago in Edit List 1 Shipped